Technologies that evolutionize customer service

    Client: Twerlo

    Deliverables: Branding, Logo Design

Twerlo is a customer support automation company focused on developing solutions to enhance customer experience. Driven by a profound love for technology and a desire to help people find solutions through effective digital marketing, Twerlo exists to bridge the gap by introducing Artificial Intelligence into business-customer relationships.

Defining the Challenge

As a budding startup driven by a background in marketing and a keen interest in robotics and AI technology, Twerlo needed an identity that would not only convey relevance in the industry but also synonymize efficiency and connection. Also, as a brand with touchpoints that would exist primarily on digital platforms, the logo had to be simple enough to maintain integrity in smaller sizes and take advantage of the possibilities of digital platforms.

My Approach

Armed with the information gleaned from the discovery session and research into the brand (including competition, products, and industry), I proceeded to begin exploring a number of possible solutions. Given the numerous possibilities available with a project like this, it only made sense to present a number of viable solutions to the client. I usually try to narrow down the number of logo options to the single best one. But 3 is often a sweet spot to prevent decision-paralysis. Below are some noteworthy ideas:

After careful deliberation with the client, we decided on further exploring the first option. This led to the final solution. A major advantage of this logo is the demonstrable adaptability to various contexts. This would further improve the brand’s memorability because it could not only serve as a logo but a dynamic UI element.