Twerlo Whatsapp-For-Business Slide Deck

Client: Twerlo
Deliverables: Presentation Deck

Designing a slide presentation deck that artfully illustrates a unique selling proposition and bolsters your chances of convincing your audience often involves a number of factors. Yet it all boils down to simplicity, clarity, and attention to detail.

In this project, Twerlo—a company focused on providing automated customer support technology—needed a slide deck to help educate potential clients on the value of one of their latest platforms.

Having received the content and outline of the various slides, I then proceeded to design each slide with an aim to display the required information in the clearest possible way to aid assimilation. This required an understanding of layout design among other skills.

Adobe InDesign proved the perfect tool for the job in many ways. For one, the vast array of tools contained in the software made the creation and management of slides a breeze.

Also, in a project such as this, there is a high requirement for attention to detail and clear communication between Client and Designer. And hurriedly annotated screenshots and unclear feedback can lead to a nightmare of infinite revisions. In order to avoid this, I leveraged the Share-for-review feature within Adobe InDesign that made it possible to receive clear and direct feedback from the client and quickly resolve any issues.